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Year Walk: One imposter syndrome-filled designers take on production.

The game Year Walk (Simogo) is a point and touch adventure game initially published for iOS devices on February 21st, 2013. It would then be published through Steam on March of the same year and Nintendo’s WiiU in September. The game put the player in the shoes of Daniel Svensson who, after finding out his lover was to marry a suitor picked by her parents, decides to go about the process of arsgang, otherwise known as “year walking,” to see what the future holds in store for them. On his journey, he meets, and is tested by, several creatures from Swedish folklore that lead him to a devastating truth. The story for Year Walk was originally supposed to be a short film written by Simon Flesser, but after deciding that the act of year walking was a perfect fit for video games, he partnered up with Simogo games to develop the haunting adventure game. For the purposes of assessment, I will do my own take on developing year walk and then going through the steps to publish the game on the PlayStation store.

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