Brittany “Bri” Williams is a 6ft. 3in. gentle giant ready to take on the world of video games. Her passion for games started young when she secretly played Mortal Kombat with her cousins and openly played Spyro the Dragon with her mom. Bri would continue to play all forms of games as she grew up, even when she headed to New York to get her BS in Film Production. However, she decided to change her focus from cinematography to video games after going on an hour long ugly-cry rant to her mother after watching the 2013 trailer for Kingdom Hearts III. This lead her to American University in Washington D.C., where she got her Masters in Game Design from the AU Game Lab. The studies and projects she did there gave her a focus in narrative design, artificial intelligence, and UX design which she hopes to pursue farther in the games industry. Bri has a penchant for both the occult and the cute, with her love of ghosts and skeletons battling with her weakness for pastels and baby animals. When Bri isn’t making or playing games, she is doodling in one of her thousands of sketchbooks, running tabletop RPGs, reading graphic novels and manga, and listening to cool podcasts. She also partakes in freelance editing for game related media. You can see some of that work on  the coffee grinders youtube channel.
If you’d like a daily dose of anime and memes visit her twitter @renegadehanar.