Below are a few of the projects I’ve worked on so far, if you would like to learn more about each game or play it, click on the title.

Hunt: Showdown

Position: Narrative Designer

The year is 1895, and you are a Hunter tasked with eliminating the savage, nightmarish monsters that have infested the Louisiana Bayou. Play alone or in teams of two or three, as you search for clues to help you track your target and compete against other Hunters who are after the same reward. Kill and banish your target, collect the bounty, and then get ready for the showdown; once the bounty is in your hands every other Hunter on the map will be after your prize. Show no mercy as you fight through a dark, ruthless world with brutal, period-inspired weapons, as you level up, unlock gear, and collect experience and gold for your Bloodline.

What the Children Made


Position: Game Designer, Writer

When Dr. David McClean comes to the aid of a family who’s children are obsessed with their nursery room, he discovers that the veil between reality and the digital space has been pulled back and the children are hiding a terrible secret.

Based on Ray Bradbury’s short story The Veldt published in 1950.



Position: Narrative Designer, Writer

Loominary is a Twine game with a digitally augmented physical tabletop loom used as the interface for the game.  When game play is complete, the woven artifact will be unique to each player’s set of choices. This work was featured at the Electronic Literature Organization (ELO) Conference in July 2017, the Smithsonian American Art Museum Arcade in August 2017 and the Tangible Electronics Interface Conference in March 2018 .

You can find a twine only version here on

Fight. Item. Run.

Position: Story Lead

Fight Item Run is a Powered by the Apocalypse game that smashes action-packed combat and magic together with dynamic character and relationship exploration. The dungeon is the structure and sole setting, though “dungeon” can be interpreted as anything from cave systems to cloud cities. The party begins in a chamber and there are monsters; once they’ve defeated the monsters, they proceed to the next chamber where there are more monsters. Chambers also have items, treasures, puzzles, and mysteries. When the party has collected the adequate gear to advance to the next level of the dungeon, they come to the chamber with the passage down (or up for a tower or with a portal to some nonlinear other realm) to advance further. 

Module Sample can be made available upon request.

Time Tails

Position: Writer

Time Tails is a series of puzzle adventure games that teach players coding and how to use professional game design software. Follow 80’s kids Ari and Zoe as they travel through time to fix “glitches” in history by changing the game’s programming!

Script Sample can be made available upon request.



Position: Narrative Designer, Writer: Ellington and Sasha

You used to be an adventurer like them until you decided to settle down and open your own bar! Enter the town of Briar as its citizens ramp up for the Bala Lilly Festival. This narrative adventure will have you talking to a colorful cast of characters all embarking on their own quests for adventure, glory, and love!

They Always Hear What They Want to Hear


Position: Narrative Designer

When Hamlet’s father discovers that he has been killed, he uses his ghostly form to help his son through the days after. A choose your own adventure style telling of Hamlet from the ghost’s perspective

风雨同舟 (Together we Weather the Storm)

larp 2

Position: Lead Designer, Writer

Made for the Storytelling Workshop in Kunming, China. The goal of the game is to pass policies related to environmental concerns in your city. To do this, you must advocate as a team for your assigned role.

Link to the Past: Woodrow Wilson


Position: Game Designer, Art, Writer

Link to the Past was made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Wilson Center. Made for high school and college students, the game has players travel to key points in President Woodrow Wilson’s history investigating objects and talking to people to restore the present. Link above is a demo version.



Position: Writer

When a tobacco company corrupts Curia City and its citizens, it’s up to Dick Copper to  rid the streets of hard drugs.



Position: QA Tester, Producer

Made for the 2016 Global Game Jam under  the theme ritual.  An endless runner where you have to dodge cat-callers and actual cats in order to go about your day.

Baby Boomers


Position: Video Lead, Producer

Made for the 2016 Global Game Jam under the theme ritual.Baby boomers is an iOS based 2D infinite runner where players guide babies through life by shooting them into cannons representing life rituals.



Position: Narrative Designer, AI Programmer

When the Cult of the Phoenix tries to turn the US into a fire-filled theme park of nightmares, it is up to Finch from the World Association of Terrorist Eliminating Recruits (WATER) to stop them.



Position: QA Tester

Battle nations from throughout history in DomiNations! Build your empire and command nations as you make them grow from a small village to a thriving metropolis, and battle as one of the great civilizations from the history of the world.

Arcane Showdown

Position: QA Tester

Arcane Showdown is a pocket RTS where you outwit, outmaneuver, & overpower your opponent with fantastical minions and powerful spells. Best of all? These wizardly wonders will be coming soon to your mobile device and Steam! Check back soon for info and game strategies!