Game Projects

Below are a few of the projects I’ve worked on so far, if you would like to learn more about each game or play it, click on the title.



Loominary is a Twine game with a digitally augmented physical tabletop loom used as the interface for the game. The game follows the Greek myths of Medusa and Oedipus using color-coding to present player options. The player weaves with the appropriate color to make their choices, and in doing so weaves their choices into the cloth they are actively making through play. When game play is complete, the woven artifact will be unique to each player’s set of choices. This work will be attending the Electronic Literature Organization (ELO) Conference in July 2017 and the Smithsonian American Art Museum Arcade in August 2017.

Position: Lead Narrative Designer



You used to be an adventurer like them until you decided to settle down and open your own bar! Enter the town of Briar as its citizens ramp up for the Bala Lilly Festival. This narrative adventure will have you talking to a colorful cast of characters all embarking on their own quests for adventure, glory, and love!

Position: Concept Creator, Narrative Designer, Writer: Ellington and Sasha

They Always Hear What They Want to Hear


When Hamlet’s father discovers that he has been killed, he uses his ghostly form to help his son through the days after. A choose your own adventure style telling of Hamlet from the ghost’s perspective

Position: Lead Writer


larp 2

Made for the Storytelling Workshop in Kunming, China. The goal of the game is to pass policies related to environmental concerns in your city. To do this, you must advocate as a team for your assigned role.

Position: Lead Designer, Writer



When a tobacco company corrupts Curia City and its citizens, it’s up to Dick Copper to  rid the streets of hard drugs.

Position: Lead Writer



Made for the 2016 Global Game Jam under  the theme ritual.  An endless runner where you have to dodge catcallers and actual cats in order to go about your day.

Position: QA Tester, Noodle Exercise Leader

Baby Boomers


Made for the 2016 Global Game Jam under the theme ritual.Baby boomers is an iOS developed 2D infinite runner where players guide babies through life by shooting them into cannons representing life rituals.

Position: Trailer Director, Producer



When the Cult of the Phoenix tries to turn the US into a fire-filled theme park of nightmares, it is up to Finch from the World Association of Terrorist Eliminating Recruits (WATER) to stop them.

Position: Lead Writer, AI Programmer